Upcoming Gigs for 2018

March 7th Jo Bar Michael Raynor and Tim Gilson
March 9th Fillmore with Joe Manis
March 10th Living Room Theater Jon Lakey and Andres Moreno
March 11th Bar Mingo
March 15th VIDEO AT PSU with Chris Higgins Chris Brown Noah Simpson
March 16th WILFS Domo Branch Jon Lakey Becky Kilgore
March 17th 1905 Chris Higgins Chris Brown
March 23rd Southfork GC Trio with Michael Raynor and Perry Thoorsell
March 24th Jazz Station Bossa PDX
March 26 Ron Steen 1905
March 29th Smoke with Buster Williams and Lenny White
March 31st Side Door with Buster Williams and Lenny White

April 2-16 UK Tour Andrew Bain Michael Janisch Jon Irabagon

4/5 – The Jazz Bar – Edinburgh, Scotland
9 – East Side Jazz Club – Birmingham, England
11 – Clasijazz – Almeria, Spain
12 – Jimmy Glass – Valencia, Spain
13 – Sheffield Jazz Club @ Crooke’s – Sheffield, England
14 – Vortex Jazz Club, London, England
15 – Herts Jazz Club – Welywin Garden City, England tbc

April 18th Teutonic Wines George Colligan Trio with Jon Lakey and Domo Branch
April 21st Loose Wig House Concert with Chris Higgins Michael Raynor and Sherry Alves
April 27th Living Room Theater
April 28 Florence Fest George Colligan Quartet With Micah Hummel Jon Lakey Tim Wilcox
April 29th Newport with George Colligan Trio Chris Brown Chris Higgins


May 3 Teaching and Lisbon hot Club
May 4 Lisbon Hot Club
May 5 Teaching And Hot Club Lisbon
May 7 Prague teaching
MAy 9 Graz Masterclass
May 11 Berlin Zig Zag
May 12 Hamburg Birdland
May 13 A Trane Berlin
May 15 Klagenfurt Club and Teaching
May 18th Kitano NYC with Ed Howard, Adam Hutcheson and Victor Lewis
May 25th 1905
May 26th Jack London Bossa PDX
May 30 Teutonic Wines with Joe Manis

June 1st TVCTV
June 1st Broadway House Concert in Eugene Sherry Alves
June 6 Jo Bar
June 8 Smoke With Buster Williams Lenny White
June 9 Smoke With Buster Williams Lenny White
June 10 Smoke With Buster Williams Lenny White
June 23 Winniepg Festival with Karl Kohut and Kevin Waters


July 1-14 WDR BAND in KOLN
July 17th Lan Su with Bossa PDX
July 19th Christo’s Double Bill Other Barry And Bossa PDX
July 28 Ellensburg festival With Matt Jorgensen and Jon Lakey
July 31st 1905 Gig with Holly Pyle

August 1 Teutonic Wines with Holly Pyle
August 3rd Jazz Station with Holly Pyle
August 7 house concert Seattle with Holly Pyle
August 12 Solo Concert Classic Pianos 3PM
August 14 Roaoring Rapids Joe
August 15 w Bossa PDX Roaring Rapids
August 18 Montavilla Jazz festival with Micah Hummel and Enzo Irace
With Chris Brown
with Nicole Glover
August 30th Bossa PDX Lincoln City

September 1st janis Mann at Loose Wig

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