Recordings as a sideman

Liam Hathaway TBA

Nick Biello TBA 2024

Noah Simpson TBA 2023

Tim Wilcox with Chuck Israels 2023

Charlie Porter “Cipher” TBA 2023

Kerry Politzer  “In a Heartbeat” (PJCE Records 2022)

Buster Williams “Unalome” (Smoke Sessions 2022)

Machado Mijiga “Gradient” (Vibemaster Records) 2022

Carlos Moreno “ Rescue” (Bandcamp) 2022

Nicole McCabe “Introducing Nicole McCabe” (Minaret)2021

Lizard Sisterz (EP) 2020

Ronnie Cuber “Straight Street” (Steeplechase Recordings)2019

Kerry Politzer ” Diagonal” (CD Baby) 2019

Jimmie Herrod “Falling in Love and Learning To Love Myself” 2018

David Barber ” The Shape” 2018

Buster Williams “Audacity” (Smoke Sessions) 2018

Todd Marcus “On These Streets” (Hipnotic) 2018

Charlie Porter “Charlie Porter” self released 2018

Ryan Meagher “Lost Days” (Fresh Sound New Talent) 2018

Tony Glausi “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” 2017

Andrew Bain “Embodied Hope” (Whirlwind Recordings) 2017

Ray Vega/Thomas Marriott “Return of The East West Trumpet Summit” (Truth Revolution Records) 2016

Nicole Glover, “First Record, “(CD Baby) 2015

Damian Erskine “Within Sight” (Notnek Music) 2015

Adam Harris, “Live at the Jazz Station,” (Adam Harris Jazz Productions)2015

Hailey Nilswanger “PDX Soul,” (Calmit Productions) 2015

Joe Manis, “The Golden Mean,” (Steeplechase Records)2015

2015   New Project    Kenji Omae

2015   PDX Soul     Hailey Niswanger

2015   Live At The Jazz Station    Adam Harris

2015 New Project       Alex Norris

2015 The Golden Mean   Joe Manis

2014  The Weight      Coco Columbia

2014 New Project  Francois Theberge

2014 Chapter Two   Ray Vega

2014 Below the Surface Kerry Politzer

2013 Tango In The City Of Roses Ryan Meagher
2013 North By Northwest Joe Manis
2013 Stepchild U of M Faculty Ensemble
2013 Heritage Todd Marcus
2011 Zembla Variations Josh Ginsburg
2011 Free Flying Bird Laura Dreyer
2011 Live At Yoshi’s Jack DeJohnette
2011 Trip to Brasil Marco Castillo
2011 Koan Sebastian Noelle
2011 Oh My Soul Trio Bembe
2010 Mystery Girl Noah Becker
2010 MAHAVISHNU Re-Defined 2 Compilation(ESC)
2010 Time Signature Seth Lewis
2010 Anomaly Lenny White
2010 Blue IN Blue Kerry Politzer
2010 The Meeting Hans Ulrik, Jesper Bodilsen, Anders Mogensen
2009 In Monk’s Mood John Tchicai
2009 New Moon Ron McClure
2009 Where We Are Now Andrew Rathbun
2009 Work To Do Carl Allen /Rodney Whitaker
2009 East Harlem Skyline Greg Skaff
2008 Perfect Timing Barbara King
2008 Blueprint Lauren Sevian
2008 Dead Reckoning Jacob Yaffee
2008 Courageous Hearts Towner Gallaher
2008 The Paris Concert(DVD) Al Foster Quintet
2008 Hancock Island Buster Williams/Lenny White
2008 One Thought Scott Lee
2008 Willow Weep For Me Trebeka
2008 Gentle Storm Don Braden
2008 Solace-Jamie Baum
2007 Flyin’ Butterfly- Chinami Kaminishi
2007 Here I Stand-Howard Britz
2007 Here For Now-Kenji Omae
2007 You Took Me In-Kerry Politzer
2007 Live At The Zinc Bar – Lonnie Plaxico
2007 EJ(EMI) -Phil Yoon
2007 Get Famous(Film Score) – Gary Bartz
2007 Beauty Marks(Film Score) – Cat Young
2007 Whatever Happens(Steeplechase)- Ari Ambrose
2007 Soft Hands(Steeplechase)- Ron McClure
2007 Path to Infinity(Metropolitan)- Todd Herbert
2007 Jam Session, Vol. 22(Steeplechase)-Dave Ballou/Tim Hagans
2006 Jazz Musician -Masahiro Nakagawa
2006 Up on the Roof -Various Artists
2006 Renderings(Fresh Sound)- Andrew Rathbun
2006 Tiki (UNiversal)-Richard Bona
2006 Pots & Pans -Billy Kilson’s BK Groove
2006 Out from the Underground (Steeplechase)- Tom Guarna
2006 Gateway (Steeplechase)- Jed Levy
2006 West Side Stories- Lonnie Plaxico
2006 Fight or Flight -Kellylee Evans
2006 Do the Boomerang(Blue Note)-Don Byron
2005 Sweet Love -Eri Ohno
2005 Labyrinth (Polisonic)-Kerry Politzer
2005 Jam Session, Vol. 16(Steeplechase)- Ron McLure
2005 I Am Three(Dreyfus)- Mingus Big Band
2005 Home- Shunzo Ohno
2004 Full Circle Rainbow(TCB) -Christophe Schwitzer
2004 Moving Forward, Standing Still(Omnitone) – Jamie Baum
2004 Morning (Saguro Beach)- Will Martin
2004 Stone Jazz(Random Chance) -Charles Fambrough
2004 Griot Liberte (High Note) – Buster Williams
2004 Going Dutch (Twinz)-Joris Teepe
2003 Soaring Feather -Chieko Tsutsumi
2003 The Pig Bone- Masa Nakagawa
2003 Strange Fruit(PBS Film Score) – Don Byron
2003 Glom On To This! – Tom Baldwin
2003 Jam Session, Vol. 6(Steeplechase) -Alex Norris
2003 Songbird (Jazz n Pulse) – Deborah Brown
2003 Rhythm and Soul -Lonnie Plaxico
2003 Munia: The Tale(UNiversal) – Richard Bona
2003 More in My Heart – Al Maniscalco Quartet
2002 SteepleChase Jam Session, Vol. 4 -Mark Turner
2002 Rothko(Steeplechase) -Dave Ballou
2002 New Boogaloo(Nagel-Hayer)- Marcus Printup
2002 Mad 6(Columbia)- Ravi Coltrane
2002 Live at the 5:01 Jazz Bar- Lonnie Plaxico
2002 Going to Meet the Man(Koch)-Metta Quintet
2001 Abundance (Palmetto)- Greg Tardy
2001 Ballad in Blue-Various Artists
2001 Early Song (Steeplechase)-Ari Ambrose
2001 Get 2 It-Robin Eubanks
2001 Melange(Blue Note)-Lonnie Plaxico
2001 O Grand Amor( Steeplechase)- Rich Perry
2001 Ritualism -David Gilmore
2001 Cruce De Caminos(Jazz Viene Del Sur) -Perico Sambeat
2001 The Score(Film Score and Appearance) -Cassandra Wilson
2000 The Hidden Light(JCurve) -Gregory Tardy
2000 Pride(Steeplechase)- Lee Konitz
2000 Scatter Some Stones(Fresh Sound) – Andrew Rathbun
2000 True Stories (Fresh Sound)- Andrew Rathbun
2000 Los Suenos y El Tiempo -Guillermo Magill
2000 Paintings(Entour) – Noah Becker
2000 New York Flamenco Reunion(Nuevos Medios) -Marc Miralta
2000 The Floating World(Steeplechase) – Dave Ballou
2000 That’s Old Fashioned -Masahiro Nakagawa
2000 A New Beginning – Alex Norris w Claudia Acuna
1999 Language of Love(Telarc)- Vanessa Rubin
1999 Moment of Truth(Enja)-Melissa Walker
1999 Cyclic Episode(Steeplechase) -Ari Ambrose
1999 Contemporary Standards(Doubletime) – Don Braden
1998 Speak Up!(Keystone)-Yosuke Inoue
1998 Bright Nights(Enja)- Johannes Enders
1998 Found on Sordid Streets(Winter &Winter) -Gary Thomas
1998 Last Days of Jazz-Compilation
1998 Monk to Bach -Compilation
1998 Music of Mercedes Rossy (Fresh Sound) -Various Artists
1998 Alone Together -Heidi Martin
1997 Here on Earth(Enja)- Ingrid Jensen
1997 May I Feel(Enja) – Melissa Walker
1997 For The Great Jazz Road(Keystone) -Youth Sonic
1997 Voice of The Saxophone(RCA) -Don Braden
1996 Blues Chronicles: Tales of Life(Atlantic) -Gary Bartz
1996 Getting to Know You-Sunny Sumter
1996 Overkill (JMT)-Gary Thomas
1996 Sleight of Hand(Steeplechase)-Jed Levy
1996 Where Is Love? Steeplechase)-Karen Francis
1995 Dark Shadows(Milestone) -Eddie Henderson
1995 The Journey -Fred Foss
1995 Desde La Capital (Palmetto)-Rumba Club
1995 Little Misunderstood -Sheryl Bailey
1993 Slanted- Ron Holloway
1992 Urban Undertow – Phil Burlin

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